About Our Group

With an experience of over 25 years in the field of agriculture, now we have entered into Hi-Tech agriculture. High-tech farming is a knowledge-based agricultural system that makes use of technology to increase the value and quality of the farm's produce. It usually takes place in densely populated areas where land is limited and costly. It uses computer technology and automation to manage processes such as Watering, Fertigation and pest control to ensure high-quantity and high quality outputs. A major advantage of hi-tech farming is that its production is high. With the introduction of hi-tech farming, the farm produce such as vegetables and fruits have become cheaper. This means that more people are able to afford and have a better diet. Many opine, ‘SAFE TO EAT’ food is affordable only to the rich and the elite strata of the society. Apart from that, large farming spaces are required to cultivate such crops using natural resources. However, with the introduction of hi-tech farming, the space requirement for farming is less but yet, more products are produced and that too with minimal manpower requirement. This would help to meet the ever-growing demand for food. Core Group headed by MD identifies and evaluates the bench marks and a panel from different divisions to tackle assignments.