About Sterling Group

STERLING FARM RESEARCH & SERVICES PVT LTD, (SFRS) mainly deals in manufacturing and marketing high value blended fertilizers, plant macro, micro nutrients, high analysis organic manure, fertilizer, Cocopeat Blocks, Coirpeat Grow Bags & Grow Cubes, Coco Chips, Coir Garden care products, Geo textile, Coir Log etc. We export our products to USA, UK, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Germany, Gulf Countries and Lebanon. Our products are now reaching more markets by improved dealer network and E-Commerce.

Specialty Agro Division

Producing Neopeat, Green Isle products as per Indian & international standards.

Neopeat (Cocopeat)- an eco-friendly, soil substitute and soil conditioner is made from coconut husk. This finds applications in floriculture and horticulture industry. SFRS is the first company in India to commercially manufacture a superior peat substitute from coconut husk, under the above brand name with the support of our full-fledged lab and R&D centre. Our factory is in Pollachi, away from the sea to avoid salt contamination.

Green Isle- these products are in packs which stimulate or help plant growth. These products include My First Garden, Table Top Grow Bags, Liquid Fertilizers, Cocopeat Grow Bags, Cocopeat Grow Cubes ( ready to use pots), other Soil Less media for hi-tech Agriculture and hobby gardening. New products are under development.

Export Division

Exports Neopeat products, Green Isle products, Neem products etc to various countries. Apart from this we are also operating as sourcing agent for international buyers and cater their requirement which ranges from Agriculture products, Chemicals, Engineering goods, Pharmaceutical products, Spices, Tea, handicrafts etc. We have our partners in UK, Hungary & Japan.