NEOPEAT is an award winning organic growing substrate made by Sterling Farm from Superior Indian coir, which is now being exported to many countries. The product has been awarded with Best Growing Media Award and Best Rose Award in Hungary by the Professional Growers Association and most recently for Introducing a World Class Organic Substrate by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to the above, Market Rasen Racecourse, who use the product for their floral displays, have been presented with a Special Award in the East Midlands (UK) in Bloom competition 2008, Presidents award winner for best R&D in the year 2005.

Supplied in compressed blocks for easy storage, the product is then expanded by adding water. This gives a very aerated growing media with high water retention capacity. These qualities used with several different fertilization methods have given us and to our clients a 20% - 30% increase in yield to their vegetable, fruit or flower crops.

However, yield increase is not the only advantage one can experience with this product. Several growers, after conducting their own trials, observed improved healthy root growth, considerable savings on irrigation water along with the significantly increased yield which encouraged them to use NEOPEAT throughout their greenhouses again and again.

NEOPEAT product is best for growing hydroponics crop production including tomato, cucumber, egg plant, capsicum, zucchini, strawberry, melons, carnation, rose, gerbera, gypsophila, lisianthus, chrysanthemum etc. under green house conditions. Each batch of media is tested in our Laboratory ( Sterling Test House, an ISO 17025 - 2005 Certified by NABL ) before shipment, to ensure continued high quality of the product. The specifications of the media will remain the same, and unless you change to new irrigation system, you will never have to amend your nutrient recipe.

NEOPEAT is an organic and neutral substrate with no chemical nutrients added. Therefore, it can be used by organic growers. After planting, application of nutrients should be carried out at regular intervals as required.

We need to mention, last but not the least, after the crop’s lifetime has expired and the substrate need to be changed, there would be no disposal costs as the NEOPEAT products can be used as a soil conditioner (after use it takes 3-4 years to decompose in soil).

Having gained vast experience in this field, we look forward to associating with your company on the above mentioned areas; for which we assure the best attention and services at all times.

Please find below a specification of the NEOPEAT product and few notes on the advantages of it.

Reasons for using NEOPEAT

  • There are no disposal costs (unlike for rockwool) as the product can be used as a soil conditioner after use
  • NEOPEAT is an organic renewable resource and it saves the peatland from destruction which is natural habitat of many plants and animals
  • Saves irrigation water and fertilizers (NEOPEAT has 700-800% V/V water holding capacity )
  • Saves on transport since NEOPEAT is supplied in compressed blocks
  • Saves on packaging (eco-friendly as no large plastic sacks needed)
  • Excellent growing media (recommended by Preesman, one of the largest rose and gerbera breeders of Holland)
  • Saves retailing shelf space. (compressed blocks)
  • Easy for people to carry. (compressed into small light blocks)
  • Very easy to reconstitute by pouring or dripping water on it
  • Neopeat is resistant to bacterial, weed, fungal growth, and is truly pathogen free
  • Supports the soil's microbiological activity (or the life of the soil)
  • Reduces soil temperature when incorporated with Soil – Very good for desert farming.
  • Award winning product. (NEOPEAT has been awarded the ‘Best growing media’ award in Hungary by the Professional Growers Association in 2008)