Service Offered

Sterling with its long experience in the field of Agriculture has set up a consultancy division. The Division is headed by a team of experts who have long years of experience in planning and execution of agricultural projects in India and Abroad.

The consultancy team can plan and execute different projects such as

  • Small and large farms- cashew, vegetables, plantation crops and spices.
  • Soil analysis based recommendations.
  • Water management/Harvesting.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Crop/Plantation
  • Integrated Local Watershed Development and Training Services.
  • Wasteland Reclamation.
  • Greening of Deserts.
  • Specialized Assistance on Demand.
  • Low carbon technology.
  • Energy auditing.

The team leaders of the consultancy wing

  • Dr. C.S.Ravindran, Agronomist ( Former Principal Scientist ICAR CTCRI)
  • Dr. V.K.Venugopal, Former Head Department of Soil Science, Kerala Agricultural University. Currently involved in preparation of soil map of Kerala-both micro and macro nutrients
  • Prof P. Reghunath, Former Professor of Entomology, Kerala Agricultural University
  • Sri N. Srikumar, Organic Agriculture Expert Former Deputy Director Department of Agriculture ,Kerala
  • Dr. B.V.Suresh Babu, Energy Auditor - Expert in the field of Energy Auditing and Low carbon technologist
  • Dr. C.K.Peethambaran, Former Director of Research and Professor and head of Plant Pathology, Kerala Agricultural University